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Health Safety Canada has brought together the best products and their best technologies to provide high-end hygiene solutions for slip and fall safety. Among our products are outstanding 98.5% longt-term anti-microbial  / pathogen protectant, 0.1 submicron HEPA quality air filtration and 97.5% water anti-slip protection for all surfaces and footwear.

We increase your Health & Safety to provide long-term protection against all bacteria, pathogens & mould. Your indoor air can be brought to HEPA quality while treating all surfaces with our nano-technology grip product to all floor surfaces and footwear. We find the best combination to suit your specific needs

Sanders Filters Canada Inc.
Submicron HEPA quality air filtration for Less. At Sanders Filters Canada Inc., we have specialized in designing and developing unique filter applications for nearly 20 years. Simply put, we have an answer to your problem.  Submicron HEPA-quality air filtration for vehicles, homes, business to reduce illness and the spread of airborne disease.

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Canada Slip Solutions Inc.
97.5% water solution that sticks to all floors and footwear to provide an invisible anti-slip coating to stop all slips and falls without changing the look of the floor. It keeps surfaces cleaner as the polymers on the floor do not stick to dirt.  Increase traction on all floors, footwear, yoga mats, plastic and more!

Benefits Include:
1. Decrease in monthly mat rentals
2. Decrease in worker sick days and injury days
3. Lower liability insurance - 10%
4. Lower workers compensation - 10% - 20%

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Canada Antibacterial Solutions Inc.
Pathene 500 antimicrobial surface protect ant provides the first safe and effective long-term protection against all bacteria & fungus and pathogens. This 98.5%
surface protect ant lasts anywhere from 3 months in high touch / traffic areas to a lifetime on areas not touched. It can reduce bacteria in the air and water when the surfaces are treated with this permanent product and has reduced / stopped allergies and asthma in home owners that have had product installed.

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