Complete Guide to Health & Longevity Book



The Complete Guide to Health & Longevity: How to Get Well Naturally!’ is an educational book whose primary goal is to develop an educational and cross-cultural perspective linking various scientific, long-standing treatments with the aim of nurturing a natural and holistic view of personal health and healing; and to distribute facts on the relationship of mind, body, and relationships.

Summary: “An essential reference book for alternative health practitioners as well as for anyone seeking to heal common ailments and diseases effectively with natural treatments”

As we all know, we are now living in an increasingly globalized world, which is truly interconnected in every sense of the way. Sitting in our homes, we face fear of diseases and viruses from across the oceans. Every day we are faced with news stories, ads, and public service announcements that describe health threats and suggest ways we can protect ourselves. It is not possible to watch television, open a magazine, read a newspaper, or go online without being bombarded by messages about the dangers we all possibly face.

Some messages are a combination of both: fear to make us feel vulnerable and followed by hope with telling us what we can do (or buy) to lower the risks to our health. In addition, as you may suspect, a great many of these messages are wildly exaggerated: many of the risks we hear about are really not that dangerous, while the benefits of many of the miraculous breakthroughs are often relatively small.

The goal of this book is to help you better understand your health and longevity by discussing many vitals of true health that have significant impact on our daily lives, but yet are shoved under the rug.

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